Friday, 6 June 2008


When I finished the video, I realise during the first 3o seconds, the images and music are going at the same time, but in the rest of the promo, music and images are a little bit distance. I mean, that seems that there is no relation between music and images. And also, 1 minute and 20 seconds of the same it could be a little bit boring watching always the same..

Ok, I asked people to tell me truth and they told me same as I thought.

Problem, I have only one weekend to make something with this boring final project!!!

I have change the movement from mushrooms, flowers, cactus, tonges.... to appear at the same time of the sounds of the music. COOL, much better! but... it's too boring..

Berta, think, berta think.... everything is a magic world... magic universe.... why I don't show this to the spectator!

Thankfully to my colleague Gabbor. he teach me how to use some effects to create an universe and worlds....

i don't want to speak more...see it with your own eyes!

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