Saturday, 7 June 2008

Synthesis of my learning

Last term I finished with a spectacular progress of learning thanks to MTV project. Even more this term because of my objectives that I wanted to reach with my final project. I have made a big effort to learn After Effects step by step to be able to finish my music promo. I have started with my basic knowledge to make the promo, and I went gaining more and more knowledge from teachers, colleagues, internet tutorials, and books…

The problem is, that is not all about programs. Because I have spend a lot of time making a perfect movement for an animal for example, but, when I finished the project, I realised that I didn’t think of other things as guide the observer, if it is long and boring…. I have spend much more time learning than watching the movie in global as a zoom out.

Thankfully I have worked a lot weeks before the final presentation I had time to change a lot of things to make it, at least, almost perfect. (As I can of my knowledge).

Criticall evaluation

I do not want to seem that I want to say I have done a perfect process. But I feel I have done all in the perfect time. I have research a lot for my proposal; I have studied every sound of my music. I have work hard to do it step by step. For example, First week to search images, cut them and make movement to them. Second week to put everything in the timeline in different compositions. Third week put everything together. And add things as the universe to make more dynamic my movie.

Before of this, I have search for videos of early computers animations, experimental music, also how a story is explained, I have made an interview to the compositor of the music, I have studied the music…

All of this have gave me perfect methodologies and time to finish it in time.

Demonstration of the aptitude

All I wanted with this final project is to show what I have learnt using the programs and learn while I was making it, my style and what really enjoys me.
I have worked in this project with all my energies, my sacrifices and happiness to create a perfect work.
The only problem is that I don’t find the time to say, “ Okay, now is finish” because every day I want to make something better, change another thing….

Also, I can show my aptitude with all different videos that i have upload.

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