Friday, 9 May 2008

early computer graphics

A serie of recopilation of videos that I liked it, and inspired me.

Spook Sport 1940 - Norman McLaren
I like the way to introduce the carachters,as a book.

John Whitney-Permutations (1966)
I like it because of music and images are together.

"Early Abstractions" (1946-57), Pt. 3
The combination of colours.

"Early Abstractions" (1946-57), Pt. 2

Stop motion of colour paiting while the music.

sounds are creating movement and colour.fascinating.

"Early Abstractions" (1946-57), Pt. 4
Incredible animation with fantastics graphics.

Len Lye "A Colour Box" '1935) + "Free Radicals" (1958)

Len Lye: Swinging the Lambeth Walk

Philip Glass - Sesame Street (extended cut)

Demons with Zac Davis "Live at the Panic in Hamtramck"

Demons "Life Destroyer" DVD

name june paik

Electronic Superhighway-name june paik

nam june paik

DELIA DERBYSHIRE- "The Wizards Laboratory" (1972)

mclaren Synchromy

Norman McLaren - Fiddle Dee Dee


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